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The price of gold today vaults higher, exceeding estimates and has reached new levels. How much is gold per ounce? Try $1,400 per ounce this week.  It’s not surprising given that consumers and investors are concerned about the stability of the USA dollar.  The current price of gold always goes in the opposite direction of the US dollar value. Therefore if investors believe the dollar is rising, then the value of gold drops as a result.  If investors are concerned about the dollar holding is value, then the price of gold goes up. Typically the price of gold has been symbiotic with the value of the U.S. dollar. This was not tough to predict. When the dollar loses value, gold gains it. It’s a golden rule set in motion a century ago when, in March 1900, the U.S. government passed the Gold Standard Act. The relative elevation in gold is consistent with other factors indicating that the market is preparing for an inflation upturn inflation from 2010 to 2012. Gold is easy and cheap to stockpile. The cost to purchase gold and gold futures now is just slightly more than the cost of financing, which now with 0% interest rates is almost nothing. Hold them until inflation picks rises. This is the right time and best place for sell gold. Gold should continue to be a safe, hedge investment for the foreseeable future.

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